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This game pissed me off soo much. I loved it!

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really cool game with a really cool art direction in many ways. the issue im having is i'm experiencing loads of dropped and unread inputs. could very well be a personal issue!

Ridiculously addictive game that makes me rage but want to complete. 10/10 new music genre to jam to.

Just wish there was a save function so that I could continue from where I last played though.

Really enjoyed the game! Just wish it was possible to save and resume the last level played tho.


I like your game look my game make it be a GAME you need controller support and settings menu save and load in any place with save slots with screenshots and so ( this is the most important a good game needs ) the music is to screechy... Thank you I like it very good


this game was really fun. 5/5


Y yo que creía que Geometry Dash era difícil...😅

Espero con ansias el juego completo 😍


headharch sim 2020 


Finally made an itch io account, frankly just to say that I love the game and the music even more so! Extremely excited for the future of Crimson.


Beautifully brutal.. the overall atmosphere is nicely hostile and wicked. Loved it!


this game is basically just a badass platformer game with badass music, i love it :D


God's blessings to the developer <3


Satan's blessing to we all⛧


It's such a small game yet it looks like it has a lot of work behind it! I really hope to see more content in the future! Glad I could find such promising game in its early days!


Looks so cool! I recommend showing the game as a windows game, it could get confusing to certain people.

Will the game ever be made avilable for windows? I don't know how much work it would take, but it looks really cool!

It is on windows

tabi fnf!!??!?!??! omg!!!

you ok hen? 


ok den


Reminds of echoes from the 90s

I just gotta say one thing: I love your username


beat the whole demo and the music used is fire! Cant wait to see the rest of the game

Thanks a lot for playing Shiro! Glad you enjoyed it!


I LOVE the aesthetic of this game as well as the soundtrack, but i feel like sometimes the timing of jumps and whatnot is timed a bit weirdly. In what i think is the third level (the one before the giant skull thing) there's a bit with these disappearing platforms. I thought they'd be timed to the melody but they were timed to the offbeat instead. Other than that little thing, I really liked it and I'm very exited to see its progress!!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The timing offbeat is a bug and I will have to fix it. Thanks for reporting it


Great use of your possibilities, man. It was a pleasure to play it. 

Looking forward for new updates!

Very glad to know you enjoyed it! Thank a lot

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цистерну чая автору. настолько прекрасной игры,
собранной на констракте не видел.


This is all round a great beta. Just wish it had the ability to save game.

Thanks a lot! I'll add that soon


Art style and visual effects are interesting, gameplay is simple but engaging, keep it up!


Will do Sir!


This Game is really intresting, i like it's atmosphere and the BGM is so good, can't wait for new updates

Thanks man!